Friday, 20 December 2013

Versace Yellow Diamond

Hi guys, apologies for the lack of posts, I have been extremely busy, these past months. Today, I would be chatting about a fragrance, I have been using for some weeks. In the quest for a new perfume for an occasion, I decided to try Versace after moving aimlessly round the fragrance section of the departmental store.

Versace is not a brand, I would think about, when looking for a new fragrance or pretty much any fashion item. Not that I don’t like the brand, but I feel it is totally out of my league……..if you know what I mean.....*winks* 
This baby has two siblings by the names Crystal Noir and Bright Crystal, but it had me at hello. I knew, it had to be part of the family when I perceived the scent, which is mild and subtle, but at the same time, screams of elegance.

The only thing I am not happy with, is the size of the bottle lid, which I believe, makes the liquid content appear larger in quantity, than it actually is, it gives the illusion of more quantity. Apart from this, I think this a catch to be proud of.
So if you thinking of a new fragrance for the season, you might want to try this!

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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Do you know about FINDS?

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Apologies for the lack of posts, I have been quite busy, but hopefully when I get some breathing space, I would begin posting again. 

So, I came across this app, where you post fashion pieces you purchase or find interesting. I think it is a fun way of finding out about different tastes in fashion, this would also limit the amount of time and trouble you go through in searching for fashion products. It can also serve as a portable shopping guide. 

So ladies, I hope we get the best from following each other and sharing our fashion buys and finds. 

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Your Skin

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Today, I would be talking about something that is usually of great concern, especially to a lot of females out there, including me.
……..Our Skin………..

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I know this looks very scientific, but I believe this is the safest photo to use, so that I don’t seem biased……..
We tend to complain a lot about our skin,  its not glowing enough, not fresh enough, not hydrated or moisturised enough, its tone is not even enough. The frustrating part is  that these imperfections are still present even after a great deal of investments have been made in skin care products and devices. Now, I am not against purchasing such products and devices (I am an addict, I can't get enough). But I am here to share something that I have realised. One thing you should bear in mind is that these products are manufactured by companies and they have to make profit. Regardless, there are a number of wonderful products out there that make a difference. (I am going to share the ones I have tried in my future posts).
But, what I want to point out here is that sometimes, the things we travel far and wide to look for could be in front of us and we don’t realise.  Ever heard this line: Looking good comes from the inside? I must say, it is a Gabbage in Gabbage out logic. What you take in, reflects on the outside. If you don’t eat healthy, you will not only look unhealthy, but also feel unhealthy. Sugar and carbs are nice to taste, but are not nice to the way you look, they make you age faster.  There is no point spending cash on skin care products and devices, if you still take in a lot sugar and carbs. Most skin care products and devices are topical to begin with and there is an extent to which they can go. Consider how much these products can do when you are causing great havoc from the inside by consuming sugar and carbs.  It does not matter,if you are a size 8 or if you’ve got high metabolism. You don’t have to be plus sized before you realise that such foods are not good for you.
I know it is not easy to stay clear of sugar and carbs, but a starting point is reducing the intake. It’s okay to indulge on occasions, but when you get results, you begin to develop resentment for such foods because you’ve realised they are not good for you.  
Its funny how, the foods that are good for us are foods we don’t even look at or consider buying when we visit the grocery store. But when you embrace such foods, you begin to enjoy and appreciate them not necessarily because of the pleasure in consuming them, but because you are doing the right thing for your well being. It then becomes a habit and part of your lifestyle.
Look out for more posts on skin care 

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